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Status: Completed

Short synopsis

A dying aristocrat hires a theatre group to perform a Dionysian entertainment to enliven his final days. Trapped in the confines of his decaying ch¢teau, the actors begin a mysterious, absurd and terrifying burlesque, and are brought cruelly, comically face to face with themselves, each other and their mortality.

Long synopsis

Dawn. A decaying ch¢teau stands in a sprawling park of 100-year-old oaks. Jean-René, a ruined aristocrat in his 60s, has just learned he’sgoing to die.And soon. The day passes. Night falls. In the great, candle-lit hall, the aristocrat and his gardener get drunk. Jean-René makes up, slips into one of his mother’sold dresses, and the two men dance like an old couple. Later, barely able to stand, Jean-René announces his decision to invite a theatre company to the ch¢teau. To enliven his final days with a piece based on the myth of Dionyos¦

A month later, he welcomes the entertainers. They’re a strange, mixed bunch. Yves, a tormented, art-obsessed producer, arrives with a young actress, the beautiful, affected, hysterical Mélina. A couple who split up two years earlier, things are not simple between them.

Eug¨ne and his lover Ingrid follow. She’s a philosopher, a gastronome; Eug¨ne’s besotted with her. Part-Jeckyll, part-Hyde, he’s a weak, mean fellow, unsure of who he is or how to assert himself. At the slightest trouble, he calls upon the ghost of his dead sister for comfort. Rapidly overcome by life at the ch¢teau, and on his sister’s advice, he resolves to murder Jean-René.

Lastly, the writer, his script not yet finished. With him is Lola, a free spirited young woman, liberated both in mind and ample body. The night of the performance arrives, a night of absurd burlesque and and devastating revelation.