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AKA Manuale d'amore 3


Status: Completed

Restricted videos available, please log-in.

“YOUTH”tells the story of Roberto, a young, ambitious lawyer about to wed, and his overwhelming encounter with the beautiful, provocative and mysterious Micol. With her, he will discover a reality that transcends time, suspended between extravagant characters and irresistible temptations.

In “MATURITY , successful TV anchorman Fabio, a faithful husband for 25 years, is swept away by an unexpected and fated meeting. The intriguing Eliana is not, however, who she claims to be. A caprice turns into a tragic-comic adventure: getting rid of Eliana will be no easy task!

“BEYOND . Adrian is an American professor of art history who, since his divorce, has chosen to live in Rome, a city he has always loved. A loner, among his few acquaintances is Augusto, the doorman of his apartment building, and perhaps the only person to whom he has revealed his secret – a major heart operation, seven years earlier. When he meets Augusto’sstunning daughter, Adrian’stranquil existence is turned upside down. He begins to experience sensations that have been dulled for too long and emotions that are new to him.