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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Written & Directed by Julien Magnat

A delirious mélange of supercharged action and gut-churning horror, crazed manga-inspired visuals collide with Peter-Jackson-esque excess as three ruthless superheroines confront the massed forces of evil in a bloody battle to the death and beyond.

Long synopsis

Poor Mallory! On her wedding night the innocent young woman discovers that the man she has just married is a demon. With one blow of an axe, she eliminates her husband. Several years later, Mallory is the leader of an anti-paranormal commando unit. With her partners Vena Cava, the drag queen and explosives expert, and the supernaturally gifted little girl Talking Tina, she patrols France in her crusade against Evil. Ambushed in a ghoul-infested church by a mysterious figure in a metal mask, the gang is dispersed. Returning to headquarters, Mallory learns that the Pope has been snatched by the same masked figure. The Vatican disapproves of Mallory, but she’stheir only hope.

In a strange village – a sort of Bermuda Triangle, where all the forces of Evil rife in France appear to dwell – Mallory and Talking Tina are reunited with Vena Cava. They locate the Pope very easily… maybe too easily? Morphine, the Succubus, and Lady Valentine, the Vampire Queen, twin pillars of the Sect of Abbadon, still have some horrible surprises in store for them… The third offering in Fidelité’sBee Movies series, “Bloody Mallory” is a delirious mélange of supercharged action and ass-kicking horror. Crazed Manga-inspired visuals collide with Peter (“Bad Taste”, “Braindead”, “Lord Of The Rings”) Jackson-esque excess as three ruthless superheroines battle the massed forces of Evil in a bloody fight to the death and beyond.