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Director : Virginie Despentes

Status: Post-Production

Restricted videos available, please log-in.

After the firebomb that was BAISE-MOI, Virginie Despentes™ adaptation of her controversial novel.

GLORIA IS 40. With no job, no family, no fixed address, she spends her time boozing in her local bar in Nancy. Frances is 40. A primetime TV presenter living in Paris, she’smarried to successful novelist Claude. Behind closeddoors, Frances sleeps with women, and Claude with men. In public, they™re the perfect couple.

Back in the 80s, Gloria and Frances met in a psychiatric hospital andran away together. Back then they loved each other the way you love at 16: intense, wild. Sex, drugs and punk rock. Then life pushed them apart. Frances left Gloria “ her first true love, her first broken heart. Now, twenty years later, their paths are about to cross again…