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Status: Completed


October 5, 1974. Chile. Calle Santa Fe, in the Santiago suburbs. Carmen Castillo, 6 months pregnant, is badly injured and her partner Miguel Enriquez, head of the resistance against Pinochet’s dictatorship, is killed in combat.

So begins CALLE SANTA FE, a journey into the memories of the defeated, a journey undertaken without self-indulgence or complacency; a narrative driven by the question: Were these acts of resistance worth their terrible cost? Did Miguel die in vain?

Through the lives, faces and voices of his family, his neighbours, his comrades in arms, the director follows a path that leads from the underground into exile, from the glory days of Allende through the long, black years of dictatorship, accompanied by those who resisted and resist still.

Between the chaos of the past and the undimmed emotions of today, the story of a revolutionary generation and a broken country emerges. CALLE SANTA FE depicts the quest for the meaning of these lives of struggle, leading us into the heart of a land eager to forget; a land where the dead are never truly dead and the fight against injustice continues.