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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Written & Directed by Delphine Gleize.

A magnificent bull dies in the arena. The following night, his horns, his bones, his eyes, his flesh take a journey – to Brussels, to France, to Madrid – disrupting the lives of a number of characters in desperate search of themselves.

Long synopsis

In Spain it is believed that the herb rosemary possesses great healing powers. Romero (˜Rosemary™ in Spanish), a 475 kilo bull, dies in the arena. During the night which follows, his horns, bones, eyes and flesh take a journey – to Brussels, to Madrid, to France – disrupting the apparently ordinary lives of a number of characters in search of themselves. From that night on, Romero confirms the powers ascribed to him – disruptive, explosive, restorative. 28-year-old Delphine Gleize is one of the most original and exciting voices in contemporary French cinema. Her short films have appeared to great acclaim at festivals world-wide, and received numerous prizes, including a César (2000), the Gras Savoye Directors Fortnight Award (Cannes 2000) and the Canal+ Prize at Clermont-Ferrand (1998). “Carnage” is her first feature film.