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Director : RIJU GO

Status: Completed

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When Kotaro meets Kuroe, it is love at first sight. They resolve to spend the rest of their lives together, and are married. Kuroe has no family or friends, but is welcomed warmly by her husband’s circle. She is blissfully happy. Kotaro’s best friend Eisuke has been squandering his money on rare works by the cult writer Kitano. Kotaro loans him money to clear his debts. One day beside the sea, Kuroe collapses. X-rays reveal a growth the size and shape of a flower bud on her right lung. A water lily is surgically removed… Fascinated, Kuroe leaves the hospital, taking the lily with her. Another bud is detected, this time on her left lung. Kuroe declines treatment, preferring to remain with Kotaro and refusing to drink water, fearful of nourishing the bud.

When Kotaro discovers that other flowers in the room cause the first lily to wither, he fills their house with fresh blooms.

Kotaro loses his job and, desperate to meet the expense of fresh flowers for Kuroe, asks Eisuke to repay his debt. But Eisuke is broke. He disappears and is killed by another creditor. His girlfriend, Hidemi, finds Kitano, murders him and confesses. Kotaro is offered a job with the florist. As the house shrinks around them and the lethal blossom opens inside her, Kuroe begins to fade slowly away.