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Status: Completed

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KGB Colonel Mitya’s hunt for former Division Commander Kotov leads him to The Citadel – an impregnable German fortress on Russian soil where troops by the thousand are sacrificed in an ongoing siege. In this living hell, the two adversaries Mitya and Kotov are reunited in an encounter that will turn the destinies of both inside out.

Acting on Stalin™s orders, Mitya presents Kotov with Stalin’s gift -  a rehabilitation order signed by the great leader himself. Kotov arrives in Moscow a General, and returns to the house he knew before his arrest. His wife is alive. But something is wrong. She has remarried. And she has a baby. Kotov’sfragile world falls apart¦  

At his dacha, Stalin gives Kotov his mission. He will order the 15,000 strong barely-armed Black Infantry to attack the Citadel “ and to their certain death, thus solving the problem of what’sto be done with those who lived peacefully under the German occupation. A pardon would insult to those who fought. There are too many for the labor camps. But between Kotov and the Germans¦  

At the Citadel, his doomed troops are waiting. Kotov just has to give the order. As a young Red commander, he wouldn™t have given it a second thought, but now¦ In full General’suniform, Kotov leads the suicidal charge himself.  

His daughter, a nurse who has never stopped believing that Kotov is alive, catches sight of him in the blood-soaked trenches and races to him across the minefield…Father and daughter are reunited amidst the heroic carnage.