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Director : ILGON SONG

Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Written & Directed by ILGON SONG

Three women meet on a snow-covered mountain road. Each driven by a past tragedy, with nowhere to rest and nowhere else to go, they set out together for Flower Island, a magical haven of solace and healing.

Long synopsis

On a winter day, three women, each with a different heart-breaking story, meet on a country road. The brutal city has cast them out, leaving them with nothing but sadness. Oknam and Hye-na get on the same bus by chance; together they happen to save Yoo-jin, who has come to the snow-covered mountain to kill herself. With nowhere to rest and nowhere else to go, they set out on an unplanned journey to Flower Island, where all pain and sorrow will disappear. On their way, as they experience many unexpected events, the three women realize that the journey itself is what will heal their inner wounds.