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Status: Completed

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Synopsis – GENTLEMEN – A feature film:

Beaten up, bruised and afraid, young author Klas –stergren hides out in a Stockholm apartment, writing the story of its vanished inhabitants: the flamboyant, charismatic, enigmatic Morgan brothers. 

It begins one year earlier. Klas is rooming with Henry Morgan, a boxer, piano player, composer, bartender and old-fashioned gentleman with a Gatsby-like capacity for turning life into a feast. But behind his glittering fa§ade lurks a darkness – a secret, forbidden love. 

Together the two friends lead the high life in Stockholm until the day Henry’syounger brother Leo shows up. An infamous poet, political provocateur and drunk, Leo quickly drags them into a scandal involving illegal weapons and gangsters, and soon the three men find themselves trapped in a life-threatening plot. 

GENTLEMEN simultaneously celebrates and mourns the post-WWII era: its liberation, wild jazz music and poetry, economic boom and rampant corruption.

Synopsis – GENTLEMEN & GANGSTERS – A TV series:

When the era of Gentlemen ends, the reign of Gangsters begins… 

The story begins where GENTLEMEN ended… Since the mysterious disappearance of his friends Henry and Leo Morgan – talented, charming, charismatic players embroiled in intrigue and corruption – writer Klas lives as a recluse in their deserted apartment. With nothing left to lose, the time has come for him to reveal the truth: the hidden secrets of Maud, her dangerous love triangle with Henry and powerful business mogul William Sterner… 

As Klas is finishing his book, Maud turns up at the apartment to meet him in person for the first time. Claiming to have left her old life behind, she reads his draft and suggests a few small but fundamental changes. In a dizzying shift of perspective we realize that the story we have seen so far is not the whole truth. Henry’slies and his enthralling but terrible double life are drawn into the light, and not everyone is who we thought they were. 

Maud seduces Klas, then leaves the following morning, telling him him she is pregnant by Henry. A guilt-ridden Klas packs his things and abandons Hornsgatan – for good. 

The tale of GANGSTERS takes us from the late seventies to the present day, into a new situation where Klas can finally understand what has really happened.The scale of the conspiracy in which the brothers were involved becomes obvious and Maud’slast secret is also revealed – she kept Henry’schild. 

Years later, Maud’sson Gustav is grown up and looking for answers. Now suffering from a terminal illness, she struggles over what and how much she should tell Gustav, who turns to Klas for answers. Thus two stories of impossible people, impossible love and impossible truths are finally completed.

 GENTLEMEN & GANGSTERS is a beautiful and tragic love story, a powerful exploration of the choices we face and the sacrifices we make.

The feature film will be called GENTLEMEN while the TV series is entitled GENTLEMEN & GANGSTERS, and will be available as 4 x 90 minutes. The feature film is based entirely on GENTLEMEN. The TV series is based on the eponymous novels. Half of the footage and scenes in the TV series will be unique and will not appear in the feature.