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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis
Granny is dead. Berthe is no more. Armand’s grandmother had sort of slipped his mind… Armand runs a pharmacy in the Paris suburbs with his wife, Helene. In a medicine cabinet he hides his magical equipment – he’s secretly preparing a show for the daughter… of his lover, Alix. And Granny? Should she be buried or burned? Who was Berthe?
Long synopsis

In the midst of a full-blown midlife crisis, Armand navigates haphazardly between his job as a chemist and his passion for magic. Where matters of the heart are concerned, he’s torn between his wife Hél¨ne and his mistress, Alix. 

And as for family life, what with an interfering mother-in-law, the kids with whom he can no longer communicate and Alix’s daughter, whose birthday is quickly approaching, Armand doesn’t know which way to turn¦ 

And then his grandmother Berthe dies, and he’s landed with the extra task of arranging the funeral. It’s too much for Armand, who finds himself forced to confront a profound existential question: do we burn Granny, or bury her?