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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

A documentary by ANTOINE DE MAXIMY

Long synopsis

Everyone knows Tintin and his adventures in America. Thanks to David Lynch, we’ve already watched in amazement as a gas-powered lawnmower made its surreal odyssey across the States. And as for the delightful Little Miss Sunshine and her extraordinary family’s minibus road trip…

French filmmaker extraordinaire Antoine de Maximy has already cut a swathe across thirty countries, always alone, shamelessly inviting himself to stay with complete strangers, for his cult hit series I’M SPENDING THE NIGHT AT YOUR PLACE.

Now he’s really raising the stakes: a feature-length trek across the USA, alone as usual, with no crew, his chance meetings with strangers witnessed and recorded through the irreverent and curious eyes of a resourceful ˜little Frenchman™. Antoine will paint a unique and never-before-seen portrait of the most-filmed country in the world… the land of cinema, the country everyone knows – or thinks they know!

HOLLYWOOD: I’M SLEEPING OVER TONIGHT will be the funniest, the most spontaneous, the craziest road movie ever to grace the big screen. And the cherry on the cake? The chance that he’ll end up spending the night under the roof of a Hollywood star. But what really is a star?