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Status: Completed

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They’re a trio. Franck and Helene, married with two children (5 and 7) and Max – alone, though not by choice. Three inseparable childhood friends. Franck’s been a welder since he was 16. Twenty years later, like thousands of other workers, like their families, like Helene, he lives in fear of restructuring at the factory. 

As for Max, he couldn’t give a damn about that or anything else. When he was made redundant two years ago, he lost everything – his wife, his son, his house and his so-called friends, the other workers… Only Franck and Hél¨ne stuck by him, unswervingly loyal. Without them, he’d have nothing.

One Friday at the factory, Franck overhears a conversation that leaves him devastated… all the machines are to be dismantled on the quiet and removed by truck before the end of the weekend. Full of rage, Franck broods furiously, torn between robbing the factory safe and warning his co-workers about what is being planned. He makes his decision – before anything else, he’ll talk to Max….