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Director : GASPAR NO‰

Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Written & Directed by GASPAR NO‰

Irreversible. Time reveals all. Time destroys everything. The arrow only points one way, from our birth to our death. Irreversible. A wound. Vengeance. Irreversible. Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci in a film by Gaspar Noe.

Long synopsis

Irreversible. Time destroys everything. The arrow only points one way, from our birth to our death. Each second brings multiple bifurcations. Each one is irreversible. We are not predestined but destiny writes itself. Our contribution is derisory. It barely concerns our individual survival. And death is unavoidable. Time reveals all. The best and the worst. Or the opposite. It’sall the same. As soon as they™re written, the traces of our passage already fade. Only the arrow remains. The arrow invented by our brain. Time exists only in our reptilian perception. Pain, pleasure, past or future too. What we make of the short time whilst the arrow carries us along is sometimes of our own will. We can use it to perpetuate our species, or to forget the infinite smallness of it, or to make a film, or to avenge the pain we have suffered. This film, written, financed and shot in record time, describes the ancestral link between a wound and vengeance. Vengeance is irreversible. So was the wound. Like every act. Like all things. The reactions to this film will be too. In 2002. Time reveals everything. It only exists within us, and we through it. Each to his own arrow. Amongst other arrows. Within a greater arrow, in a multi-dimensional chaos that couldn™t care less about us, our wounds, our revenge, or this film. Its director.