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Status: Completed

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Two brothers, born in France of Arab descent, their grandfather killed serving in the French army, their father a quiet, law-abiding “model immigrant.

Paul Sma¯l, 27. Intelligent, highly educated, full of unexpressed anger, he spends his time reading, dreaming, boxing…

His younger brother Daniel, rebellious yet fragile, a body-builder who shapes his flesh relentlessly, building his muscles, punishing his body until it kills him.

Daniel and Paul carry their double culture as a burden. For them, it is impossible to be integrated into French society without deforming themselves, intellectually and physically.

Paul is crazy about literature and Myriam, his “blonde princess. He lives in a slum, in a single room, and delivers pizzas while he waits. But for what? Only words can save him from his rage and self-hatred, the words of his unfinished novel, “Life Kills Me,”the book that will help him to live.

From the internationally-acclaimed director of “Nationale 7″(“Uneasy Riders), and featuring blistering performances from Sami Bouajila, Jalil Lespert and Sylvie Testud (“Blessures Assassines), Jean-Pierre Sinapi’s”Life Kills Me”is a corruscating, uncompromising and deeply moving story of two brothers, of difference lived as violence and torment, and of the possibility of salvation.