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Director : LOU YE

Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

 Adrift in Paris, Hua meets Matthieu. An intense, violent love affair begins. Hua determines to leave, unaware of the strength of her addiction.

Long synopsis

Hua, a young teacher from Beijing, is a recent arrival in Paris.

Exiled in an unknown city, she wanders between her tiny apartment and the university, drifting between former lovers and recent French acquaintances.

She meets Matthieu, a young worker who falls madly in love with her. Possessed by an insatiable desire for her body, he treats Hua like a dog.

An intense affair begins, marked by Matthieu’spassionate embraces and harsh verbal abuse. When Hua determines to leave her lover, she discovers the strength of her addiction, and the vital role he has come to play in her life as a woman.