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Director : TODD LOUISO

Status: Completed


An intimate journey through loss and renewal, a story of life devastated then reawakened by a shocking death. Philip Seymour Hoffman is Wilson Joel, a man forced to confront terrible isolation, his own and that of those around him, by the suicide of his young wife, Liza. There were no obvious reasons for Liza’s death: she and Wilson were happy, successful and very much in love. She left a letter, but Wilson cannot bear to open it. No one can help him: uncomprehending colleagues; well-meaning friends; Liza’s distraught mother. Inconsolable, increasingly adrift, dazed by the petrol he has taken to sniffing, as his life begins to fall apart, Wilson searches desperately for some sort of meaning, Liza’s final letter and the explanation it holds still unread in his pocket.