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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis


Long synopsis

10-year-old Tommy lives with his mother Betty on an isolated farm deep in the Canadian countryside. Tommy has never known his father, and Betty, who lives on the farm like a woman on the run, vainly searches on-line for a companion. She’sa sad, silent woman, permanently shadowed by an aura of melancholy. Tommy hates seeing his mother so unhappy. He™d do anything to see her smile, but how?

A travelling circus arrives at the nearby town, but is refused permission to put up the big top. It looks like they™ll be forced to move on. Then Tommy has a brainwave. What better than a circus to create an atmosphere of joy? He convinces a reluctant Betty to offer their farm as an alternative venue, and the performers move into the huge field opposite the house. But there’smore trouble ahead. The truck carrying the big top doesn™t turn up. No big top, no circus!

Tommy spends time with the circus performers, and through his interaction with these extraordinary characters begins to find answers to the questions we all ask ourselves – questions about love and hope and responsibility to those we care for.

Funny, tender, utterly captivating, set against the spectacular natural scenery of Canada’s far-flung wilderness, Philippe Muyl’s enchanting family fable tells the story of a boy, his mother and the travelling circus that awakens them to life’s endless possibilities. Truly magical.