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Status: Completed

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Taku Morisaki, a Tokyo college student from a small town on the island of Shikoku, catches a glimpse of a familiar figure on the opposite train platform. Surely it’sRikako Muto. But didn’t she go to a university in Kochi? Taku’s memories carry him back to that summer day two years ago when he first met Rikako. Not only was she beautiful, she was at the top of her class in class and on the sports field. To his surprise, Taku was not happy when his best friend Matsuno became attracted to Rikako. She should have only been the subject of his friend’s crush and nothing more to him. That is, until the school trip to Hawaii in their senior year¦

A tender, bittersweet story of young love and yearning nostalgia from the redoubtable Studio Ghibli.