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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Written & Directed by Vladimir Perisic

Long synopsis

Early morning. A bus is carrying eight soldiers to an unknown destination. Among them is 20-year-old Drazen, a recent recruit who has trouble fitting in. They arrive at an abandoned farm in the middle of a field. Disturbed by the mystery surrounding their mission, Drazen attempts unsuccessfully to find out what is expected of them. The long wait begins, beneath a scorching sun.

When they hear a bus approaching, the eight soldiers, who have been waiting anxiously, sense they will soon have to go into action. The bus arrives, carrying men of all ages, huddled together as if they have guessed their fate and cannot believe it. Major Branko, the unit commander, explains that these prisoners are a threat to the state; they are the enemy. They must be eliminated.

Drazen is confused – the unit has never had to do anything like this before. When he tries to refuse, Major Branko asks him to repeat his objection. Drazen keeps silent and joins his fellow soldiers. He shoots one of the prisoners, but fires badly and another soldier has to finish the man off. Shaken, Drazen smokes a cigarette in the shade of a tree. The waiting begins again. The sun climbs higher. Another convoy of prisoners arrives?