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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

A humanoid warrior from another galaxy crashlands on earth and finds himself face to face with his deadly foe – a monstrous alien predator bent of bloody vengeance – in the time of the Vikings. The stage is set for a battle to the death, a battle like none ever seen on this earth. Or any other…

Long synopsis

A ship burns brightly – a Viking funeral. King Halga is being buried at sea. Halga’s son, Wiglif lacks the wisdom to lead his tribe, yet Halga’s newly-crowned brother Rothgar is not fearless enough to be a true king. A spaceship crashes in a lake near the Herot village. It seems the only survivor is a warrior, Kainan. But unwittingly he has brought with him a deadly stowaway – Moorwen. The monster emerges from the water, attacking and decimating a nearby village. Knowing and fearing Moorwen’s power, Kainan sets out to destroy her, but is captured by Wiglif and taken to Herot. He attempts to escape by assailing Rothgar’s beautiful daughter Freya, but fails.

Moorwen attacks again, slaughtering many. In the confusion, the Vikings mistake this deadly intruder for a bear, and assemble a hunt, inviting Kainan to join them. The posse does encounter a mammoth bear in the forest, and Kainan saves Wiglif’s life by killing the beast. Believing they have slain Moorwen, the Vikings celebrate with a feast at which Kainan is accepted into the tribe.

Kainan and Freya steal away, and her mistrust is replaced by respect and admiration. Kainan tells her that he comes from the North, from “Outland”; that his tribe invaded the Moorwen’s domain, bent on annihilating her species and seizing their land.

He confides to her that Moorwen killed many of his people, including his wife and son, and that she will attack again and again.

And she does. Now it becomes obvious to all that this is no bear.

Kainan proposes they trap the beast by digging a large pit, filling it with oil, and covering it with shields. Impressed by Kainan’s resourcefulness and noticing the blossoming romance with Freya, Rothgar asks him to remain in Herot until Moorwen is destroyed.

Moorwen attacks again, and Kainan and Wiglif lure her into the trap. For the first time we see the monster clearly – massive, armour-plated, lethally taloned, death-dealing jaws snapping. Moorwen is set ablaze and screams in agony.

In a moment of shocking revelation her howls are answered by another beast – her child! The beast has spawned. Together they escape into the forest. King Rothgar dies in the attack and Wiglif is declared his successor.

Moorwen returns and snatches Freya. Armed with new weapons forged by Kainan, the Vikings set out once more on a final, desperate hunt.

Freya gains consciousness in Moorwen’s lair – a hideous pile of bodies upon which her ravenous child feeds. Hearing the princess’ terrified cries, Kainan rescues her and torches the nest – a terrible funeral pyre. The enraged Moorwen deals Wiglif a lethal wound, before Kainan finally dispatches her.

With his dying breath, Wiglif asks Kainan to replace him as leader of the Viking tribe. Kainan faces the ultimate choice – to return to his distant galactic home or to remain with Freya, a stranger in a strange land, King of the Vikings…