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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Written and Directed by BRUNO PODALYDES

Long synopsis

Just an ordinary day in Versailles…

As she does every morning, Lucie takes advantage of her journey to work to lose herself for a while in the pages of a good book. And as she does every morning, she joins her colleagues at the office with a smile. Between games of solitaire and adverts on the Internet, it’sa working day just like any other. Then suddenly all activity in the office stops. All attention is turned towards the window of the building opposite and a banner reading: Man Alone. Is it a hoax? A cry for help? Everyone has his own interpretation and will try, by any means possible, to discover what lies behind this mysterious message.

Later that day, during the lunch hour, the Square becomes the place where everyone meets. A retired English teacher is disturbed by the presence of a jogger who turns out to be a former pupil. Two young lovers are on the verge of splitting up and it seems like the whole world is collapsing around them. Children play love games and war games as their anxious mothers look on. And there are more: a philosophical tramp, an awkward ladies™ man, backgammon-playing pensioners, zealous cops – and Lucie, who is unknowingly photographed by a mysterious stranger…

Afternoon at the Brico-Dream store and Bretelle, the boss, is trying to motivate his staff. They have to adapt themselves to the customers and smile, no matter what. True, it’snot easy to stay cool when each customer is crazier than the last. And it’sno picnic having to flog old products like the fertiliser Dirticol (ideal for the garden) or the tape dispenser Crépon.

A stellar French cast brings Podalyd¨s™ sparkling comedy to vibrant life. Beautifully crafted, endlessly playful and very, very funny.