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Director : Roger ALLERS, Ga«tan & Paul BRIZZI, Tomm MOORE, Nina PALEY, Bill PLYMPTON, Joann SFAR, Michal SOCHA, Joan C. GRATZ & Mohammed Saeed HARIB

Status: Completed

There are currently no videos available.

On the fictional island of Orphalese, a mischievous, eight-year-old girl, Almitra,meets Mustafa, a political prisoner under house arrest. From this chance encounter,an unlikely friendship is born. But on this fateful day that they meet, Mustafa is toldby the authorities that he is finally being released”and guards immediately escorthim towards the ship that will take him back to his own country .

Along the way, Mustafa shares his wisdom and poems with the people of Orphalese,while Almitra secretly follows him. At each stop, she imagines breathtaking visualsequences that accompany his words. When Almitra realizes, however, that theauthorities have a very dark surprise in store for Mustafa, she must do everythingpossible to help him.