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Director : SHIN-YEON WON

Status: Completed


Jiyeon (Yunjin Kim) is a hard working, hot shot lawyer and single mother of a seven-year-old girl. During a school sports day, her daughter disappears.

Jiyeon receives an anonymous phone call: the caller has the girl. He proposes a deal. No ransom. He wants Jiyeon to prove a convicted murderer not guilty at his appeal. Within seven days. If she fails, she™ll never see her daughter alive.

With the clock against her, Jiyeon begins to reinvestigate the crime in a desperate search for evidence to defend the killer. The ringing won’t stop…

Massively successful in its home territory, Seven Days is an explosive, no-holds-barred thriller in the vein of 24 and se7en, a hyperkinetic race against the clock as a mother confronts mob violence, corruption and her own morality to save her daughter’s life.