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Director : LOU YE

Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

A gorgeous, swooning, overpoweringly erotic depiction of jealousy and obsession, lust and love without limits, from the internationally-feted director of SUZHOU RIVER, PURPLE BUTTERFLY and SUMMER PALACE.

Long synopsis
Nanjing , present day, spring time . Wang Ping’s wife suspects him of adultery.  She hires Luo Haitao to spy on him and discovers that her husband’s lover is a man,Jiang Cheng.It’s with this man that Luo Haitao
and his girl friend , Li Jing , form a torrid love  triangle. For all three, it’ s the beginning of asphyxiating, sultry nights of physical abandon that exalt the senses. A sulfurous journey into the confines of jealousy and obsessive love .