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Status: Completed

Short synopsis

Overnight, a complete nobody becomes a celebrity without knowing why.

Long synopsis

Celebrity “ the hell everyone’s dying for.

Martin Kazinski is a humble worker. Just another face in the crowd.

One morning, as normal, he takes the metro. But it’s not a normal day. People are looking at him. A stranger asks for his autograph; another takes his picture. A third just wants to shake his hand.

It must be a mistake, a hoax, some sort of joke. Soon, his name is all over the TV, the radio, the internet. Martin Kazinski – with no particular talent, no connections and no idea why – has suddenly become a celebrity. It’s incomprehensible. But it’s a fact.

When he tries to find out why, his fame just grows. The more he questions it, disowns it, denies it – the more famous he becomes. Martin is trapped in a never-ending, ever-expanding media maelstrom. And the worst is yet to come.