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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Two young criminal brothers, the gorgeous, free-spirited girl they kidnap, a stolen Manet and a barge traveling the River Seine in high summer. A joyous, dangerous menage a trois blossoms…

Long synopsis

This is the story of two brothers, Julien and Louis, 25 and 14 years old – a couple of cocky blaggers. Small-time crooks who grew up on their own, practically attached at the hip, on their river barge. Now they make a living transporting gravel across Paris, from east to west.

A dealer in stolen goods proposes they steal, “The Blonde with Bare Breasts”, a Manet on display at the Musée d’Orsay. Louis takes charge of the theft and succeeds in stealing the painting. However, a young and beautiful museum guard, Rosalie, follows him back to the barge. After a quarrel, the brothers decide to kidnap her.

Free-spirited and impulsive, Rosalie seizes this strange twist of fate as an opportunity to escape her previous existence. Her world is transformed as she experiences life on the barge with the two brothers, taking summer swims in the Seine, living life to its fullest. The feelings between the city girl and the river boys grow. Their joyful ménage- -trois burns with poetry and passion. Inevitably, the previously inseparable brothers both fall in love. The bond between them is torn; Rosalie is playing a dangerous game

Meanwhile, the paintings patrons are hot on their trail. Have they fallen too soon for Paradise?