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Director : JULIUS ONAH

Status: Post-Production

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Short synopsis

A dead dealer, his brother out for vengeance, a beautiful Swedish girl…

A one night stand leaves August trapped in a deadly web of blackmail and violence. Can he get the money, get the girl or get out alive?

Long synopsis

NYC. August’sone night stand with beautiful Signe turns ugly when he discovers footage of a murder on her phone. He knows the dead guy “ Jesus Guzman, a dealer. And the killer “ Nicholas Feinman, son of New York’smost powerful investment banker.

There’sa knock on the door – It’sAngel, Jesus™ brother and feared drug enforcer. Maybe August knows where Jesus is?

Soon, all are caught in a deadly game of blackmail, double crosses and escalating violence. When he learns that Signe may have been playing him all along, August has to choose – get the money, get the truth, or get out alive.