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Director : THOMAS CLAY

Status: Completed

Short synopsis


Long synopsis

In a small English coastal town, three teenage boys are drawn into a world of temptation and violence. Bored, troubled, excluded, unable to accept or even to recognise moral boundaries, the boys’ actions move inexorably towards a shocking act that will horrify their sleepy community and expose its deepest, hidden fears. Brutal, poetic and explosive, infused with a dark and ironic wit, THE GREAT ECSTASY OF ROBERT CARMICHAEL issues a fierce challenge to the moral and political complacency of our times and heralds the arrival of a remarkable new British cinematic talent.

25-year-old director Thomas Clay’s extraordinary film features the beautiful and stately camerawork of acclaimed DP Yorgos Arvanitis (ETERNITY AND A DAY, A MA SOEUR!) and startlingly assured performances from newcomers Dan Spencer, Ryan Winsley and Charles Mnene, alongside established acting talents Danny Dyer (HUMAN TRAFFIC, THE FOOTBALL FACTORY) and Lesley Manville (VERA DRAKE, ALL OR NOTHING).