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Status: Completed

Short synopsis

Written & Directed by PETER MULLAN

Rural Ireland. The 1960s. Three innocent young women are condemned by church and family to the brutal nightmare that passes for life in a Magdalene Asylum. A heart-wrenching study of abuse, corruption and the human spirit.

A film by Peter Mullan.

Long synopsis

Rural Ireland, 1964. Four young women are condemned by church and family to the brutal, dehumanising nightmare that is life in a Magdalene Asylum. They are here to atone for their sins: the sin of being an unmarried mother, of being too pretty or too ugly or too simple minded or too clever or a victim of rape who refuses to keep quiet. And for these sins, they are put to work… 364 days a year, unpaid. Half-starved, humiliated, raped and exploited in God’ssweatshop.

In their own ways the girls refuse to be beaten but what victory is possible while they remain little more than slaves? Angry, desperate, with no reason to hope, they dream of escape. This is a fictional film that tragically happens to be true. The last Magdalene Asylum in Ireland closed in 1996, six years ago.

An unflinching, heart-wrenching study of abuse, corrupted religion and the miraculous refusal of the human spirit to settle for defeat, “The Magdalene Sisters” is the new film from Peter Mullan, star of Ken Loach’s”My Name Is Joe” and director of the internationally-acclaimed “Orphans”.