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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis


Long synopsis

Alfred lives in a small village with his mother. He has a girlfriend, Suzanne, but there’s a problem. Unwilling and unable to make love to her, even to kiss her, Alfred nonetheless longs for a child. It’s what he wants most in the world.

As natural fatherhood is out of the question, Alfred takes the next best option -adoption. But the arrival of his adopted son, Jules, brings its own problems. Far from the baby he was expecting, Alfred is presented with a fully grown adult. Jules is an old man.

Bitterly disappointed and racked with shame, Alfred says nothing – to his mother, to the world at large, to the ‘baby’. His neighbours remain ignorant of the situation, and of the strange relationship between Alfred and the old man.

Only his beloved chickens, the sole confidantes in whom Alfred confides his troubles, can console him. Life at home and outside is far from easy. And then Jules decides he wants to meet women, and sets his heart on Suzanne.

An absurd, bizarre and finally moving comedy from Delphine Gleize, internationally-feted director of the award-winning CARNAGE.