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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Independent, sexy, fulfilled, Louise knows what she wants and goes for it. Life is good. Then tragedy strikes. As she’sabout to take her boyfriend to meet her parents, she suddenly loses all capacity for sexual satisfaction! She can™t feel anything anymore. It’sthe start of a crazy, desperate quest, during which Louise will stop at nothing in search of her lost pleasure…

Long synopsis

Louise is a modern young woman. Independent, liberated, sexy, fulfilled, she knows what she wants and goes for it. Life is good.

But as Easter approaches “ and with it, the weekend she’splanning to introduce her lawyer boyfriend Fran§ois to her parents “ Louise is getting uptight. Her family and friends are turning this casual visit into a major event.

Then tragedy strikes. A disaster. A catastrophe. Overnight, she loses all capacity for sexual pleasure. She just can’t feel anything anymore. And sex is a big deal for Louise. She turns on Fran§ois, accusing him of selfishly failing to acknowledge the seriousness of her predicament.

Easter arrives and Louise heads off to her parents™ home. Alone. Everyone’sdisappointed, and Louise only makes things worse by confessing her problem, throwing the entire household into a welter of hysterical sexual doubt and self-discovery.

Back home, she embarks on a desperate crusade, doing anything and everything to try and retrieve what she’slost. But Louise refuses to see the root of the problem. Afraid of being trapped in a relationship built on compromise and pretence, scared of losing her independence, she simply won™t allow herself to really love.

Only once her crazy quest has reduced her to a state of utter confusion will Louise finally learn to let go. Her eyes are opened. Freed from her ‘inner demons’, she is reconciled with Francois and manages at last to recover her precious lost pleasure.