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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis


Long synopsis

Torrente… the world’s worst cop, loser, anti-hero extraordinaire. Greedy, racist, sexist, obese. And washed up. Until…

A very special visitor is coming to Spain, a beautiful campaigning member of the European Parliament, and she’s on a mission: to shut down factories illegally polluting the atmosphere and poisoning the air breathed by honest citizens. She’s an angel: sexy, elegant, sophisticated, ultra smart – a Goddess. And the big industry bosses want her dead.

For their corrupt high-ranking police buddies, it’s a no-brainer. They can help. Who else but Torrente, to ‘protect’ this beautiful, deadly threat?

Torrente the buffoon?

Torrente the drunken pussyhound?

Torrente, who can’t keep his hands off the nearest cute ass, let alone a team of deadly assassins off their hi-profile target. Put Torrente in charge and she’s dead meat. So the call comes through: the fat man’s back on the job and ready for action.