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Status: Completed

Short synopsis

A powerful banker and his mistress enter a world of insatiable – and deadly – erotic desire that gradually consumes them.

Long synopsis

The banker meets the woman one spring evening. He is a man of enormous power and wealth. That night she becomes his mistress.

Together they enter a world of endless erotic desire “ the desire to fuck and to be fucked, to possess and to be possessed, be be forced past all limits. To submit and to dominate. Their games grow ever wilder, ever more dangerous.

Day by day, night after night, they are consumed. One by one, all boundaries are destroyed. The woman’s husband looks on – impotent, full of dread.

The banker gives her a gun and teaches her to shoot. She is a willing pupil. She provokes him into abuse and humiliation. Their hunger is insatiable.

He promises her a million euros “ and then rejects her “ the deadly bond between them is sealed.