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Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

Iran. 15-year-old Ali’s life is changed forever when he hears the magical music of the desert shepherds. Later, a devout father will confess to the murder of his only son.

Long synopsis

In a holy town in Iran, a devout father, believing he has killed his only son, 15-year-old Ali, goes to a shrine to confess his crime. Following a quarrel with his father, Ali flees into the desert where for the first time in his life he hears music. A shepherd is playing the Ney, a rosewood flute. An angel appears. Ali’s life is changed. With his mother’s help, and hidden from the eyes of his father (who considers music sinful), Ali takes his destiny in hand. He goes to Tehran where he meets Azar, a beautiful 19-year-old girl. Her father is writing a book about angels…