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Director : ZHANG YIMOU

Status: Completed

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Jing, an innocent high school girl, is sent to a remote mountain village for ˜reeducation™ during the Cultural Revolution. With her father imprisoned as a ˜rightist™, her ostracized mother struggles to support three children. Jing knows that her future and her family’swell-being depend on how well she behaves in the eyes of the authorities. One wrong move and their lives could be destroyed.

Her cautious, quiet existence is disrupted when she falls for Sun, the charming son of an elite military family. Given the difference in their social backgrounds, romance between the two is unthinkable. And dangerous. But their mutual attraction is fierce and undeniable. Jing tries to resist but Sun pursues her relentlessly, even after she returns to the city. Their romance blossoms, pure, passionate and in secret. No one must know – least of all Jing’smother, whose only desire is that her daughter ensures a future for herself at all cost.

Then Sun disappears. When he reenters her life, something has changed. Jing is forced to confront her ideas about love, honor and loyalty… to decide what she truly believes in. Their lives will change forever.