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Status: Completed

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Shizuku is a bright girl who loves to read. It’sthe summer vacation of her last year in Junior High School. When she notices the name Seiji Amasawa written in every book she has checked out from the library, Shizuku realises that someone she doesn’t know has read everything she has. First.

On her way to deliver her father’slunch, Shizuku is astonished to see a cat riding alone on the train. When the cat gets off at her stop, she decides to follow. This chance meeting leads Shizuku to the home of Seiji Amasawa.

Shizuku’sdream is to become a writer; Seiji’sis to travel to Italy and become a famous violin maker. WHISPER OF THE HEART is the heart-warming story of their love, a love that overcomes every obstacle in its path.