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AKA Pur Week-end


Status: Completed

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Short synopsis

A man from the city visits a poor village and offers a peasant boy a chance to work. To get the job, the boy has to compete with other poor children. The man will employ whoever can carry a crippled child “ whose legs were blown off by a land mine – to school on his back. The peasant boy wins. For one dollar a day, he carries his crippled charge to school and back. Like a horse. He races with donkeys in the street. He bathes his rider; he plays with him and tends to him. But the crippled boy is not happy: he had asked his father to buy him a horse, not a boy.

Long synopsis

Easter Weekend, and Fred and Vero Alvaro are getting ready to receive their usual guests, Alex, Sam, Sarah, Fran§ois – four urbane and successful young professionals – and David, the wastrel. They all met 20 years ago, at the holiday camp where Fred and Vero were instructors. And every Easter since, they’ve gathered for a hike up Iseran Mount.

This year, however, none of them has any idea what lies ahead. David, currently serving a three-year sentence for dealing dope, has obtained a special leave of absence. 72 hours, he swears, plenty of time for them all to reach the summit. In fact, he has been granted only 24. He’s a fugitive. And he’s got no intention of giving himself up.

So our gang faces a dilemma: turn David in or let him get away while inventing a credible story for the cops. Loyalty demands the second option. But there’s another twist. En route to the reunion, David broke into Alex’s office and stole a huge sum of cash. Alex pursues him as he heads for the Italian border. The others have no choice but to join them.

Playing the leader as always, Fred convinces the police that David has taken them all hostage, figuring this will allow the young man to cross the border and all of them to escape justice. What he doesn’t know is that David’s cellmates – a couple of real heavy duty villains – have also escaped. For the cops, it’s clear – their breakout and David’s hostage-taking are part of the same picture. Catch David, and they’ll get the big boys.

Thus an innocent weekend get-together degenerates into a madcap flight from justice, as our inept heroes flee south with every cop in France hot on their heels. Tempers fray, relationships explode. Their complete inability to handle the crazy situation, compounded by Fred’s tiresome ‘leadership’, Vero’s endless self-doubt and the ever-more absurd and deranged selfishness of the others pushes things to breaking point.