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AKA N'importe quoi

Director : Rapha«l Frydman

Status: Completed


For more than a decade Rémi Gaillard’s online pranks have won him international fame. Ten years of doing ˜whatever™: hyper sketches, hidden cameras and tricks that have made him and his cohorts famous. He’s a star – hilarious, outrageous, a French Borat with 1.4 billion online views.

But for Rémi, the reality’s a lot bleaker. At 38 he’sstill on benefits, still living in his tiny apartment in Montpellier and still listening to his girlfriend complaining that instead of ˜whoever™ it’stime for him to become ˜someone™. Self-doubt’s getting the better of him. His pals have all got families and jobs. Rémi decides to give it all up. It’sthe end of an era.

He marries his girlfriend, who is 6 months pregnant. His father-in-law gets him a job on a car lot. He moves to a little house in the suburbs. A new ˜normal life™ for a new Rémi – no more ™whatever™ for him.

There are temptations everywhere. But he’spromised his wife – he won™t break. Then his number one fan, a 16-year-old kid who never got over his hero’sretirement – tries to imitate one of his pranks and winds up flattened on the motorway, disguised as a snail. At his hospital bedside, Rémi makes him a promise…

But as Rémi Gaillard knows better than anyone “ to become ˜whoever™ he™ll have to do ‘whatever’. And to do ‘whatever’, he™ll have to convince his former partner to get the old gang back together, and to strike harder than ever¦