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Director : RINTARO

Status: Completed

Short synopsis

A funny, captivating evocation of a magical world and the power of self-belief, depicted in a seamless marriage of 2D and 3D animation. The long-awaited family movie debut of anime legend Rintaro.

Long synopsis

Every night, 6-year-old Coco slips out of her house and explores, dressed in a special penguin suit – a present from her long-lost father. She’s convinced that, one day, it will allow her to fly.

“Where are you, Daddy? When are you coming home? You told me penguins could fly… didn’t you?”

Because of her outfit, Coco is taken by mistake into a mysterious subterranean world. Arriving at the Village of the Goblins she meets Chaley, who mistakes her for the fabled “Valiant Flightless Bird”. Coco learns that Bucca-Boo, the Emperor of Darkness, is trying to enslave the Goblins, angry that they were once loved by Man.

Coco explains that she’s no hero but joins her new friends – Chaley the Goblin and Zammie the Fallen Angel – in their battle against Bucca-Boo and his band of demons.

Our courageous trio finally manage to defeat their terrible adversary.

During the final battle, Coco must tear a feather from Bucca-Boo’s wing, to allow Zammie to return to Heaven. And at the critical moment… she flies!