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Wild Bunch - An Easy Girl

Rebecca Zlotowski

An Easy Girl

Une Fille Facile

Status: Completed

Director(s): Rebecca Zlotowski

Long synopsis : Na¯ma has just turned 16. This summer, she will have to decide what she wants from life if she doesn™t want to miss out. Then her cousin Sofia arrives “ 22, with an amazing body and a dangerously seductive lifestyle. Na¯ma desires only to follow her own path, so long as it leads upwards¦ Despite the warnings of her best friend Dodo, she and Sofia will live through unforgettable encounters during a long summer that will mark them forever. A long summer on the sun-drenched French Riviera provides the setting for Rebecca Zlotowski’splayful, intimate and intense coming of age story.


  • Clotilde Coureau, Nuno Lopes, Mina Farid, Zahia Dehar, Beno®t Magimel


  • Director(s): Rebecca Zlotowski
  • Screenplay: Rebecca Zlotowski, Zahia Dehar, Teddy Lussi-Modeste
  • DP: Georges Lechaptois
  • Original Title: Une Fille Facile

  • Production company: Les Films Velvet
  • Language: French
  • Image Ratio: 0.00