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Elie Wajeman


Les Anarchistes

Status: Completed

Director(s): Elie Wajeman

Short synopsis : Paris 1899. Charged with infiltrating an anarchist organization, Corporal Jean Albertini finds himself torn between duty to his superiors, genuine sympathy for the anarchists and desire for Judith, their leader’s girlfriend.

Long synopsis : Paris 1899. Corporal Jean Albertini, an orphan of humble origins, is chosen to infiltrate a band of anarchists. For him, it’sa chance to move up the ranks. But forced to compromise without respite, Jean is increasingly divided. On one hand, he delivers incriminating intelligence reports to his superior, Gaspard. On the other, he feels himself developing genuine feelings for the anarchists.


  • Tahar Rahim, Ad¨le Exarchopoulos, Swann Arlaud, Guillaume Gouix, Sarah le Picard, Cédric Kahn, Karim Leklou


  • Producer(s): Lola Gans
  • Director(s): Elie Wajeman
  • Screenplay: Elie Wajeman, Ga«lle Macé
  • DP: David Chizallet
  • Editing: Fran§ois Quiquere
  • Original Music: Gloria Jacobsen
  • Set Design: Denis Hager
  • Sound Editor: Laurent Benaim, Sandy Notarianni , Matthieu Deniau, Emmanuel Croset
  • Original Title: Les Anarchistes
  • Genre(s): Drama

  • Production company: 24 Mai Production
  • Language: French
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