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Kwon-taek Im



Screening room

Status: Completed

Director(s): Kwon-taek Im

Main cast: Hyeon-jae Jo, Jung-hae Oh, Seung-eun Oh

Long synopsis : Yoo-bong, a traditional singer tormented by his lack of fame, teaches his daughter Song-hwa to sing and his stepson Dong-ho to play the traditional Korean drum. Together, the trio travel endlessly. Yoo-bong is a harsh master, obsessed with perfecting the performance of his young pupils. Exhausted and unable to stand this punishing regime, Dong-ho runs away, abandoning both music and the stepsister he secretly loves. Many years pass, Now grown, Dong-ho and Song-hwa both realize the longing they have always felt for each other. In a small tavern in Sunhak, the village where he left Song-hwa, Dong-ho learns that his love is now blind, and her father dead. Dong-ho finds Song-hwa.. But their reunion is short-lived. Succumbing to the temptations of an actress Dan-shim (OH Seung-eun), Dong-ho relinquishes Song-hwa once again. Stricken, Song-hwa confesses her passionate love in song, and departs. Dong-ho pursues her, and finds himself back at the tavern in Sunhak, where a secret awaits him.


  • Hyeon-jae Jo, Jung-hae Oh, Seung-eun Oh, Tae-ho Ryu, Ryu Seung-Ryong


  • Producer(s): Jong-won Kim
  • Director(s): Kwon-taek Im
  • Screenplay: Kwon-taek Im, Chung-Joon Lee
  • DP: Il-sung Jung
  • Editing: Sun-duk Park
  • Original Music: Kunihiko Ryo
  • Set Design: So-hui Park
  • Original Title: CHUNNYUNHACK
  • Genre(s): Drama, Historical Drama, Music, Romance

  • Production company: PRIME PICTURES
  • Production date: 2007
  • Language: Korean
  • Duration: 106 min
  • Venice Film Festival 2007 – Out of Competition
  • Toronto International Film Festival 2007
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival 2007
  • Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2007
  • Dubai International Film Festival 2007
  • Berlinale 2008
  • Istanbul Film Festival 2008
  • T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival 2008