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Jacques Maillot



Status: Completed

Director(s): Jacques Maillot

Main cast: Daniel Auteuil, Maud Wyler, Yann Trégou«t

Long synopsis : Widower Georges Pierret runs his shipyard like it’s his lifeline. Yannik, his head of production, Hassan the workshop manager, Richard the salesman, Hyacinth, Luis, Jessica¦ all his employees are devoted to making the business work. Then Georges learns that his credit line is going to be cut off – a decision made in Paris. Suddenly, everything hangs in the balance. The company treasurer gives him just two months to survive. Georges fights to find a solution, searching for shareholders, negotiating with the ombudsman¦ and all in vain. He’s forced to lay off a number of workers who immediately go on strike and occupy the factory. A last ditch attempt to secure an investor in Russia leads to a meeting with a young interpreter – a meeting that gives Georges the courage to risk a new beginning…


  • Daniel Auteuil, Maud Wyler, Yann Trégou«t, Alain Beigel, Moussa Maaskri, Patrick Bonnel


  • Producer(s): Cyril Colbeau-Justin, Jean-Baptiste Dupont
  • Director(s): Jacques Maillot
  • Screenplay: Pierre Chosson, Jacques Maillot
  • DP: Luc Pag¨s
  • Editing: Andrea Sedl¡ckov¡
  • Original Music: Stéphan Oliva
  • Set Design: Mathieu Menut
  • Original Title: MER A BOIRE (LA)
  • Genre(s): Drama

  • Production company: LGM CINEMA SAS, WILD BUNCH
  • Production date: 2011
  • Language: French
  • Duration: 98 min
  • Image Ratio: 0.00