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Status: Completed

Director(s): Steven Soderbergh

Main cast: Demian Bichir, Rodrigo Santoro, Benicio Del Toro

Long synopsis : After the Cuban Revolution, Che is at the height of his fame and power. Then he disappears, re-emerging incognito in Bolivia, where he organizes a small group of Cuban comrades and Bolivian recruits to start the great Latin American Revolution. The story of the Bolivian campaign is a tale of tenacity, sacrifice, idealism, and of guerrilla warfare that ultimately fails, bringing Che to his death. Through this story, we come to understand how Che remains a symbol of idealism and heroism that lives in the hearts of people around the world.


  • Demian Bichir, Rodrigo Santoro, Benicio Del Toro, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Mar­a D. Sosa, Raºl Beltr¡n


  • Producer(s): Laura Bickford, Benicio Del Toro
  • Director(s): Steven Soderbergh
  • Screenplay: Peter Buchman, Benjamin A. van der Veen
  • DP: Steven Soderbergh
  • Editing: Pablo Zum¡rraga
  • Original Music: Alberto Iglesias
  • Set Design: Antx³n G³mez, Philip Messina
  • Original Title: GUERRILLA
  • Genre(s): Biography, Historical Drama

  • Production company: GUERRILLA FILMS LLC
  • Production date: 2008
  • Language: Spanish
  • Duration: 132 min
  • Festival de Cannes 2008 – Competition
    Award(s) : Award for Best Actor
  • Goya Awards 2009
    Award(s) : Best Actor & Best Production Design
  • Toronto International Film Festival 2008
  • New York Film Festival 2008
  • Stockholm Film Festival 2008
  • Dubai International Film Festival 2008
  • Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009
  • Jerusalem Film Festival 2009