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Lucile Hadzihalilovic



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Status: Post-production

Director(s): Lucile Hadzihalilovic

Main cast: Paul Hilton, Romola Garai, Alex Lawther

Short synopsis : A mesmerizing fable of long-repressed secrets and awakening memories from the mysterious and oneiric world of Lucile Hadzihalilovic.

Long synopsis : Somewhere in Europe, mid-20th century. Albert is employed to look after 10-year-old Mia. His most important task is to see to her ice dentures, which must be changed several times a day. They live alone in a large apartment: the shutters are always drawn, Mia never leaves. Every week, the telephone rings and a male voice questions Albert about her wellbeing; every week he gives the same answers. Until one day the voice tells him that he must take the girl to another city…


  • Paul Hilton, Romola Garai, Alex Lawther


  • Producer(s): Andy Starke, Jean des Forêts for Petit Film, Amélie Jacquis for Petit Film, Jean-Yves Roubin for Frakas Productions, Cassandre Warnauts for Frakas Productions
  • Director(s): Lucile Hadzihalilovic
  • Screenplay: Lucile Hadzihalilovic, Geoff Cox, based upon « Earwig » a novel written by Brian Catling
  • Editing: ADAM FINCH
  • Genre(s): Drama, Mystery

  • Production company: Anti-Worlds, Petit Films, Frakas Productions
  • Production date: 2020
  • Language: English
  • Image Ratio: 0.00