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Wild Bunch - EPICENTRO

Hubert Sauper



Screening room

Status: Production

Director(s): Hubert Sauper

Long synopsis : Cuba is well known as a so-called time capsule. The very place where the New World was discovered has become both a romantic and a warning window into American and world history. Both the beauty and the decadence of the 50s have been preserved through economic embargos and isolation. The island allows us a glimpse – bleak or optimistic – into the planet’s future: in the case of global energy scarcity, cultural or financial crisis, large parts of the world could face a similar kind of existence. Through encounters with (extra) ordinary people, the director of DARWIN’S NIGHTMARE takes us on a new journey, entering the thoughts and dreams of Cuban society in an era of transition and change, placing his characters at the center of a far bigger, planetary narrative. 


  • Producer(s): Daniel Marquet, Martin Marquet
  • Director(s): Hubert Sauper
  • Executive Producer: Dan Cogan, Jenny Raskin
  • Genre(s): Documentary

  • Production company: Groupe DEUX