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Marie Perenn¨s, Simon Depardon

Feminist Riposte

Riposte Féministe

Screening room

Status: Completed

Director(s): Marie Perenn¨s, Simon Depardon

Long synopsis : Elise in Brest, Alexia in Saint-Etienne, Cécile in Compi¨gne, Jill in Marseille: four of the thousands of young women denouncing sexist violence, public harassment and macho aggression to which they are subjected daily. At night, armed with white sheets and black paint, they plaster the streets with messages of support for the victims of misogyny and slogans decrying femicide. Some are feminists of long-standing, others have never campaigned before “ all are in revolt against the abuse that has too often overwhelmed their lives. Sexism is everywhere “ so are they!


  • Director(s): Marie Perenn¨s, Simon Depardon
  • Sound Editor: Yolande Descarsin
  • Original Title: Riposte Féministe
  • Genre(s): Documentary