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Ladj Ly

Les Indésirables

Les Indésirables

Les Indésirables

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Status: Production

Director(s): Ladj Ly

Main cast: Alexis Manenti, Jeanne Balibar, Steve Tientcheu, Anta Diaw, Aristote Luyindula

Short synopsis : Academy Award nominee Ladj Ly follows his internationally acclaimed debut Les Misérables with another incendiary, deeply personal and powerfully political portrait of a community struggling to find a way and a place to belong.

Long synopsis : After the sudden death of the town’s mayor, Pierre, an idealistic young doctor, is appointed to replace him. He intends to continue the policy of his predecessor, who dreamed of rehabilitating this working-class neighbourhood. Haby, a young French woman of Malian origin living in one of the dilapidated tower blocks, refuses to see her family being driven out of the neighbourhood where she grew up.


  • Alexis Manenti, Jeanne Balibar, Steve Tientcheu, Aristote Luyindula, Anta Diaw


  • Producer(s): SRAB FILMS, LYLY FILMS
  • Director(s): Ladj Ly
  • Screenplay: Ladj Ly, Giordano Gederlini
  • Original Title: Les Indésirables
  • Genre(s): Drama

  • Production company: SRAB FILMS, LYLY FILMS
  • Language: French
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