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Wild Bunch - SECOND WIND (THE)

Alain Corneau



Status: Completed

Director(s): Alain Corneau

Long synopsis : 1958. Gu, a famous gangster, has just escaped from jail. All French police is after him. Before leaving the country with Manouche, the woman he loves, Gu needs a final job to get some money. Thanks to him, the job is a success. But a police’sscheming makes Gu appear as a traitor to his own accomplices. Gu will do whatever it takes to clean his honor…


  • Daniel Auteuil, Monica Bellucci, Michel Blanc, Jacques Dutronc, Eric Cantona, Daniel Duval


  • Producer(s): Laurent Pétin, Mich¨le Pétin
  • Director(s): Alain Corneau
  • Screenplay: Alain Corneau, José Giovanni
  • DP: Yves Angelo
  • Editing: Marie-Jos¨phe Yoyotte
  • Original Music: Bruno Coulais
  • Set Design: Thierry Flamand
  • Original Title: DEUXIEME SOUFFLE (LE)
  • Genre(s): Thriller

  • Production company: ARP, TF1 FILMS PRODUCTION
  • Production date: 2007
  • Language: French
  • Duration: 156 min
  • Image Ratio: 0.00
  • Sound Info: Dolby SR
  •  Press Kit